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Other Trusts

Trusts and Related Matters

Trusts are used when a person needs to look after someone else’s interests, property or affairs. We have a team with a wealth of experience who can create these for you.

General Powers of Attorney

You may need to give someone power to do something for you, such as signing documents on your behalf. We can advise you about this and create a document to allow them to do so.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

If you are concerned that you may not be able to deal with your own affairs in the future, we can advise and help you in appointing someone to be able to deal with your affairs on your behalf if that situation arises.

Court of Protection

If someone you know is no longer able to make decisions for themselves and has nothing in place to allow anyone else to do so on their behalf, we can help you apply to the Court to appoint someone to make their decisions for them and to deal with their affairs.


In some circumstances a trust may be created where a person holds property for the benefit of someone else. Most commonly this will occur where property is held on trust for a child. The trust will set out the powers of the person responsible for the assets. We are able to provide advice on the circumstances when such “trusts” are appropriate and can prepare the documentation on your behalf.


We can do all of the above work on a fixed fee basis.

"You have done my mother a great service in putting her affairs in order…"