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Social Care

Social Services may get involved if they have a concern about a child, but often want to resolve the problem without taking it to Court. We can support you and your family and negotiate with Social Services for you.

Dealing with Social Services

If you are asked to attend meetings with Social Services, we can go with you to help and advise you to try and resolve any problems and get the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Other parties

Other people may get involved if there are any concerns with your children, such as schools and medical professionals. We can speak to these people on your behalf.

Family Support

Bringing up children can be an extremely difficult experience for many different reasons. These may include drink or drug problems, depression or children with behavioural problems. We can help and advise you as to how these problems can be resolved.


Legal aid is available for some cases. For those where legal aid is not available we can offer fixed fees.

"I would happily recommend Howard & Co to anyone who has a family issue, including an issue involving Social Services."