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Court Proceedings

If Social Services want to take matters relating to your child to Court, it is essential that you get legal advice as soon as possible. Our experienced team are here for you to talk to if you need emergency help and advice.

Different proceedings

There can be many different reasons why Social Services take a case to Court. They may want to monitor your care of a child or remove a child from your care. We are here to help, whatever your situation is.


There can be ways to avoid Social Services taking your child away from the family. There may be other family members who can help care for the child. We can help and advise you of all the options, to try and avoid your child being taken away.

Future action

If your child is taken from your care, we can advise you about challenging that decision now, or in the future if circumstances change. We can also advise you about having contact with your child.


Legal aid is available to parents and persons with Parental Responsibility for a chilld, whatever your financial position. Other people may be able to apply for legal aid. We can offer fixed fees for other cases.

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