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Road Traffic Offences

If you have an enquiry or seek legal assistance in relation to Road Traffic Act/driving matters, please contact us using the website enquiry form at the bottom of this page,  this will enable us to allocate your case to the relevant fee earner for your enquiry to be dealt with as quickly as possible

Road Traffic

Road Traffic offences might appear to be unimportant but offences carry financial penalties and many involve penalty points or even the possibility of disqualification. The most serious motoring offences can also result in prison sentences. If you have any concerns, come and see us – we have a very experienced team who deal with all aspects of motoring law.

Motoring Offences

Road Traffic Offences range from minor technical offences to serious offences, including driving whilst disqualified and dangerous driving. Offences are dealt with at the Magistrates Court but some cases can go to the Crown Court. Many cases involve penalty points being endorsed on your driving licence and some cases also involve the possibility of disqualification. Whether you wish to plead guilty or not guilty, we will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome.


Being disqualified from driving is a very serious penalty which can affect your work or your home life. Where disqualification is inevitable, we will work with you to restrict the disqualification as far as possible. In other cases, we can argue against you being disqualified because of the hardship that it would cause to you or your family.

Other proceedings

There are other cases where you might need our expert help. If you have already been disqualified, in certain circumstances we can apply for an early return of your licence. You may have had your licence suspended by the DVLA on health grounds and we can help you to appeal against that decision.


Some of the more serious offences are covered by Legal Aid. In all other cases fixed fees are available. Please click on the following link for further details of costs and services.

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